Age of Napoleon Podcast

December 9, 2018 Jeff 1 comment

The Age of Napoleon Podcast

If I were Oprah, you might consider all of my blog posts as “favorite things.” Last month my commute was all about The Age of Napoleon podcast. You know the feeling, sick of talk radio. Sick of streaming. Sick of terrestrial radio—even sports radio (because it’s the wrong season for your favorite sport). 

…Continuing with the sports metaphor, I’ve always found when you have a good reference point with a team, or a player or a city it helps you to relate the drama and issues surrounding a sports event.

This is very much like my take on The Age of Napoleon podcast, it gives me a solid reference to history. I now have something to in which to relate the late 18th century. I now have a reference to 1789, Bastille Day and the people/church/royal relationships. (…or this) The late 1700s now have a place in my mind with all that took place in Europe at the time. I can compare events before and after this period.

Words like “musketeer, grenadier, and volley” now color my thoughts with relationships to paintings and, other history surrounding that time.

The Death of Marat

I have been enjoying this podcast so much, and would like to recommend it to anyone looking for an informed and entertaining slice of history.

visual timeline of history in context.

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  1. I say give it a listen. One of my favorite episodes is Napoleon’s military school experience, Episode 11 – Cadet Paille-au-nez

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