Club De Belugas

May 25, 2018 doug No comments exist

Club De Belugas, Forward (2012)

I first heard the German band Club Des Belugas, Hip Hip Chin Chin and was entranced.

The band sounds like a throwback to 50s society club jazz or even 30s ratskellar music, but with tongue firmly in cheek and a foot in the future…which is now.
They have a sense of humor and life that pervades all of their tunes, giving them an upbeat tone more like the Americans Big Bad Voodoo Daddy than some of the more morose German bands.
The music says, “sure the ship is sinking, but let’s dance, not despair”
And they play well with others, often picking up a female vocalist to add a little sultry to the mix.
Good rhythms, good horns, good god almighty, it’s Club Des Belugas

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