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End of MAD

By Jeff | Jul 10, 2019

In my life, there was a time that revolved around this publication. MAD Magazine was so influential to me thinking about art and drawing. The publication is ending its 67-year run. It was the first time I realized you could make fun of things as a job. The realization that the pop culture and political…

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BjörkDiddy Conversation

By Jeff | Jun 9, 2019

A conversation between Björk & PDiddy

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Favorite Makers & Maker’s Studios, etc.

By Jeff | May 22, 2019

This is a compilation of some of my favorite youtube makers and their studio environments.

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The System a painting by Jeff Del Nero

John Coltrane – circle of fifths.

By Jeff | May 15, 2019

This particularly well-done video is both visually compelling but seeks to explain some things I have been wrestling with since I became aware of it in late 2013. I have not been a good jazz fan, in fact, I only really gravitate towards the most accessible jazz albums and artists. Since becoming more aware of…

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Products of Question

By Jeff | May 4, 2019

Impractico Style Ever since I got the book by Philip Garner’s Better Living Catalog I have noticed my heightened attention to absurd products. As a sculptor, he approached products and objects of convenience in a wholly bent way. Attempting to combine conveniences with efficiencies only to produce objects that make sense to governmental bodies. Also,…

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Klaatu Not Fab Four

By Jeff | Mar 14, 2019
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And now… A Music-less Music Video

By Jeff | Feb 23, 2019

The sound of a music-less video and the beauty of foley. This is an actual video by Journey, Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).

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Age of Napoleon Podcast

By Jeff | Dec 9, 2018

The Age of Napoleon Podcast If I were Oprah, you might consider all of my blog posts as “favorite things.” Last month my commute was all about The Age of Napoleon podcast. You know the feeling, sick of talk radio. Sick of streaming. Sick of terrestrial radio—even sports radio (because it’s the wrong season for…

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Steely Dan Like No Other

By Jeff | Dec 9, 2018

Steely Dan, a band like no other. If you are a music fan you most likely have an opinion of them. You may not have known much about jazz, but they heavily brought it to the masses in the FM world of the seventies. You might have been immersed into the sounds of southern California singer-songwriters,…

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