John Coltrane – circle of fifths.

May 15, 2019 Jeff No comments exist
John Coltrane’s methods explained in the best way I’ve found so far.

This particularly well-done video is both visually compelling but seeks to explain some things I have been wrestling with since I became aware of it in late 2013. I have not been a good jazz fan, in fact, I only really gravitate towards the most accessible jazz albums and artists. Since becoming more aware of John Coltrane’s work I have started to have a better reference point to enter into appreciating jazz more fully.

I have a painting which deals with the concept of high art and low art and the business therein. The painting is called “The System” and you can see it in my upcoming show at the ASU Vault Gallery.

The System a painting by Jeff Del Nero
“The System” A Painting by Jeff Del Nero

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