Kiko – Los Lobos

May 18, 2018 Jeff 2 comments

Los Lobos – Kiko (1992)

This band is such a reminder of my time in LA. We spent a ton of time in East LA, and I thought we were close to where Los Lobos went to high school, but recently found out that Highland Park was not that close to where they were. But, in my mind, they were just around the corner and I had the potential of running into them on any given day. Their music reminds me of my time growing up in central California too. Such a mix of cultures and traditions. They have so many influences flowing through their music, and they influence so many others.

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Los Lobos were formed in 1973 by guitarist/accordionist David Hidalgo and percussionist Louie Perez, two students at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles who discovered they shared eclectic tastes in music. Recruiting two other Garfield students — guitarist Cesar Rosas and bassist Conrad Lozano — they put together a band which they dubbed Los Lobos del Este (de Los Angeles), a take-off on the celebrated Norteño band Los Lobos del Norte. While their interests ranged from hard rock to free jazz, the new group began exploring the Mexican folk music they grew up with, and they soon found themselves regularly playing weddings, parties, and Mexican restaurants in East Los Angeles.

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  1. Yes, the whole album is so great. I just wanted this video to be an intro, so people may seek out more. I think the end of the video flows into other songs from the same album.

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