O 2 B a Rock Star

October 19, 2018 Jeff 2 comments

You know Iggy Pop, don’t you?

The one from the Stooges?

The one from Jim Jarmusch’s “Coffee and Cigarettes” with Mr. T. Waits at a diner? It’s worth a view.

or, from the other Jarmusch/Iggy/Jim Osterberg connection, the doc “Gimme Danger

or from the article below… Iggy Pop’s bonkers contract rider:

Seven dwarves, dressed up as those dwarves out of that marvelous Walt Disney film about the woman who goes to sleep for a hundred years after biting a poisoned dwarf, or maybe after pricking her finger on a rather sharp apple… or something. What was the name of that film? Was it Cinderella? Taller people are acceptable, of course. It’s attitude, more than height, that’s important here. Don’t forget the pointy hats!

Iggy Pop’s Totally Bonkers Contract Rider for Concerts

2 Comments on “O 2 B a Rock Star

  1. I saw The Pretenders in a small hall in Cleveland when they were just starting out. They were from Akron, as you may remember.
    Iggy Pop was in town and showed up. I remember Iggy and Chrissy doing a slow dance…very close…Ah…70s rock and roll

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