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Impractico Style

Absolute Necessities…

Ever since I got the book by Philip Garner’s Better Living Catalog I have noticed my heightened attention to absurd products. As a sculptor, he approached products and objects of convenience in a wholly bent way. Attempting to combine conveniences with efficiencies only to produce objects that make sense to governmental bodies.

Also, I am reminded of David Letterman bit “products that were not approved by the FDA” with products such as “Cajun Style Visine” and Tom Waits better mousetrap.

See more of these by “This is Colossal” featured this artist Jeff Wysaski


Then there is Chindogu, from the Japanese word “chin” meaning “weird,” and “dogu” meaning “tool.”  a great short podcast about this available at 99% Invisible.

 International Chindogu Society and established ten tenets of the art form:

  1. A chindogu cannot be for real use.
  2. A chindogu must exist.
  3. Inherent in every chindogu is the spirit of anarchy.
  4. chindogu are tools for everyday life.
  5. chindogu are not for sale.
  6. Humor must not be the sole reason for creating chindogu.
  7. chindogu are not propaganda.
  8. chindogu are never taboo.
  9. chindogu cannot be patented.
  10. chindogu are without prejudice.
five batteries to charge one battery.

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