You gotta give Radio Paradise a listen.

May 17, 2018 Jeff No comments exist

Where else can you hear this on any given day?

…except on one of the greatest streaming radio stations out there,

They offer plenty of interaction between listeners. With each listener given the opportunity to rate, comment, pass over, link to purchase or simply listen to such wide-ranging music. They also allow their listeners to recommend new music to them!

Judging from the Total Rating Chart there are higher points towards each end — which indicates few are neutral about his music. …Reinforcing the idea that this is not mediocre art.

Tom Waits is a true “recording artist” who incorporates literature, advertising, cinematic sound, jazz, blues, rock, poetry, history, and humor. Not only is it experimental, it’s referencing urban, suburban and rural culture and society from a vantage point that few are capable of.

This is a completely random sample from the last two hours. I have been listening to RP for well over 10 years now, and I am rarely let down by a mix. First of all, I rarely hear a song more than twice a year. I would say that from my personal collection of music RP has about a 25% of music I have purchased.

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