End of MAD

July 10, 2019 Jeff No comments exist

In my life, there was a time that revolved around this publication. MAD Magazine was so influential to me thinking about art and drawing. The publication is ending its 67-year run.

It was the first time I realized you could make fun of things as a job. The realization that the pop culture and political parodies were observations so different from what was seen on TV, while at the same time the writers tapped into a consciousness that revealed so much more of what was going on around me in the 60s and 70s that it started to make more sense than the news. Their knack for consolidating and digesting so many current issues into a single image always entertained me.

See a website devoted to Covers here.
Ernie in The Poseidon Adventure
Ernie explaining the plot of “The Poopsidedown Adventure”

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