Legendary Nights – The Tale of Gatti-Ward

June 4, 2018 Steven 1 comment

I watched this by accident one Saturday afternoon and found myself completely lost in this incredible story of the amazing yet mostly forgotten story of the Gatti-Ward fight trilogy. While many have seen the Hollywood movie “The Fighter” starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, which tells primarily of Micky Ward’s struggles with his family and drug-addicted brother, this documentary focuses exclusively on the epic battles between these two incredibly courageous and punishing fighters. It has always been my contention Hollywood boxing scenes typically depict a level of punishment completely unrealistic and excessive compared to an actual boxing match. These fights may have changed my mind. These two fighters take turns pounding each other with an intensity rarely seen in the sport. The boxing is not pretty but the intensity is riveting. The beauty of these battles is the two were actually quite good friends both during the years of these fights and after. You would never know it to watch these two beat each other in the ring.

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